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Published Jun 23, 22
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Many people feel they have an understanding of “managed services,” but find they struggle when asked to define it. What, exactly, are “managed services” anyway? What does it mean to receive managed services, and what does a managed services provider (MSP) do for you? “Managed services” most commonly refer to an outsourced IT service provider overseeing and managing your IT solutions.

Since it would be costly to hire an in-house individual for round-the-clock monitoring and systems supervision, managed services provide 24/7 IT system monitoring without the cost of a comparably-vigilant in-house hire. It also improves security by taking the overall security of your network and data from the hands of a single person and putting it into the hands of an entire team with strict systems and protocols.

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Instead of a salaried in-house employee who is at the mercy of whatever emergency is loudest and most urgent, managed service providers have a detailed list of deliverables that are rarely—if ever—matched by a full-time employee. IT Services DC. Just because your employees are gone for a weekend or holiday doesn’t mean your technology and servers are put on hold as well.

Since managed services represent a host of technology vendors, they typically have to hold more up-to-date certifications in the constantly-evolving IT products and services than an in-house IT expert would require. This means more informed decisions and expertise. Do Managed Services Include Design & Implementation of IT Services? Some people wonder if managed services also means the design and implementation of IT services.

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In my career, I have worked with many clients that are utilizing managed services in a variety of ways. Most recently, I provided a managed service to a large energy company which found the service to be seamless and significantly improved the satisfaction of end users and IT support staff, globally.

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Assessing the need for managed services Today, IT managers are under significant pressure to meet the performance, operational expectations, and security needs of the business—all while trying to keep costs down. Most financial experts would suggest in these conditions to switch to a predictable cost model, like that of a managed service.

The best time to consider speaking with a MSP is when you are: Setting future strategic goals Deploying new services to your IT environment Many times, your existing staff may not be experienced with a new technology or able to maintain new services or applications. You could hire contractors to provide the service.

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This is often true for small, medium, and large companies alike. Managed Service models have evolved over time, and the seasoned providers have perfected their delivery. It is very effective for businesses that: Rely on their IT infrastructure to properly support their daily business processes Do not have sufficiently trained staff or time to formally deal with proper maintenance, updates, and repairs Want to pay one monthly, flat fee for services to provide a high level of service quality to the business For most business services, IT underpins the business engine.

Some provide customer support on-site when required. Basic services often start with a monitoring service, which identifies potential issues, which you resolve on your own. At the other end of the spectrum, service providers offer comprehensive managed services that cover everything from alerts through problem resolution. Benefits of Managed Services Managed services offer a variety of benefits.

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Assessing the true cost of downtime is hard. But you can take proactive steps to avoid it completely. At worst, reputational risk could be a factor when the outage comes to the attention of those outside the company potentially eroding public trust. Clients experience better performance with minimal downtime when using a managed service.

All component applications must be available together for the IT service to function seamlessly for internal end-users. A MSP can ensure maximum uptime and minimal service interruptions. Organizations that attempt to implement and support all IT services in-house usually have: Much higher research and development (R&D) costs Longer timelines to deploy Because of this higher cost, you’re likely passing it on to your service consumers.

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Future-proofing IT services IT departments will always have funding, technical, security, and operational challenges. As you look for strategies to minimize spend, I have seen many organizations effectively utilize AMS to achieve the full benefit of seamless service integration with less worry over resource constraints. MSPs will always have their staff trained on upcoming and new releases as well as new technologies with the ability to lock-in costs for a multi-year period.

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The external support comes in – this may take some time – assesses the situation, works out the solution, estimates the cost, and then proceeds with the fix. The customer has a limited relationship with the provider, who will only address the need. The other alternative would be the business performing the task required itself, i.

in-house. This would mean assigning personnel towards the requirement or hiring a team of professionals to deal with the problem should it arise. This is often a difficult proposition especially for small businesses due to the increased associated cost and a diversion from the core operations of the company, when alternate providers may supply the same services at a lower cost.

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There are many service providers at all tiers of operations. Each has its own way of operating and must be deeply scrutinized. These service providers are defined by their own respective components. Before choosing a provider, the business must appreciate that the MSP is an extension of the business itself (IT Services DC).

Great care and due diligence must be undertaken. A managed services provider must be skilled and accessible. They should provide critical support at all hours. Their services should be secure. They are handling and have access to the business’s sensitive data and must have apt security measures in place themselves.

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Provides small businesses a way to compete with larger, more established ones. Reduced risk for the business. The MSPs will strictly adhere to regulations pertaining to the services they offer, thereby reducing the company’s inherent risk. Increased support. Customer support is available as needed. Prevention. Proactively find and prevent issues before they arise.



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